Although MetalCraft is a relatively new division of Feldkamp Enterprises in Cincinnati, Ohio, we have been honing our craft of creating unique metal work since 1972.

Because of a growing interest in custom metal works in the greater Cincinnati area we are taking MetalCraft to the next level, making it available to a larger customer base. Our extensive background and knowledge as a manufacturer (Induction Aire) of commercial hoods brings the experience needed to design and install residential hoods. Among our specialties are functional art works unique to the individual customer, designed in various shapes, metals and finishes.

All of our metal is cut out on our state of the art water jet with the speed and accuracy one would expect from a CNC controlled machine.

Why are water jet capabilities important to the customer?

1. It raises quality in the form of fit and finish to a very high standard.

2. It is a very efficient cutting system, completely eliminating the need to layout complex geometry by hand, which speeds up the fabrication process (and lead time) with reduced cost to the consumer.

We are very proud of our water jet capabilities, however we believe our talented craftsmen to be our greatest asset and what sets us apart from other companies. Why settle for something that is mass produced without attention to the character of the design? Wouldn’t you rather have something unique to your style and taste?